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who are we? Sailoud!

Sailoud is a new company focusing on sub-cultural business. It was established in Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur in 2019 and moved to Singapore in 2020.

  • The origin of the Chinese name Yunfanwuhang: Taken from the artistic conception "sailing sails out to sea, clouds are misty and misty". We are a start-up company. Through this name, we place hope on us: keep our original intention.
  • Sailoud is a derivative word. We extracted several words and translated them into English from Yunfanwuhang: Sailing, sailboat, cloud. Through the combination, we got the word Sailoud.

Our vision is "cultural freedom", and its purpose is to allow all subcultures to be tolerated, displayed and not distorted by the outside world. By building communities, we can enable young individuals to communicate equally.